Pop! Drop! and Pray!

At 6:00am this morning, I'm still in dreamland, snuggled comfortably in my bed, while Lane is quietly getting ready for his early morning men's group at Grace Point.  (He really is being quiet!)  At 6:10am, he gently calls my name and touches my arm, reminding me what to tell the irrigation folks when they come… Continue reading Pop! Drop! and Pray!

Re-Purpose Your Pain

Blinking red lights. Wires everywhere. Machines tracking heart beats, pulse rates, and brain activity. The occasional beep indicating it's time for a nurse to change out the bag of fluids or give more meds. A hospital bed where my husband is lying with electrodes attached to every square inch of his head. Rails keeping him… Continue reading Re-Purpose Your Pain

Letting Go….Letting God

I love to lead.  Be in charge.  LEAD the charge!  It really is part of my DNA.  I guess that's why teaching seemed such a natural fit for me.  Many years ago, probably back in the early 80's, I took a personality test developed by Florence Littauer.  In her book, Personality Plus, she identifies and… Continue reading Letting Go….Letting God

Replace FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with KAMA (Keep A Margin Always)

I recently discovered there is this thing called FOMO, fear of missing out.  It really is a thing!  Funny that someone decided to come up with a name for this malady.  As soon as I heard of this FOMO thing, I realized that's me!  I'm suffering from "FOMO!"  How did I miss that?! Too often,… Continue reading Replace FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with KAMA (Keep A Margin Always)

Your Voice

For the past two weeks, Lane and I have been thoroughly entertained with The Voice, a popular singing contest on NBC.  The show is in its 14th season, but we have only watched it sporadically until now!  Now we are addicted to watching every moment, with delight:-).  It is highly entertaining to watch the bantering… Continue reading Your Voice

Who Am I?

I have a confession to make.  I am a nobody.  I never won "best mom of the year" award.  In fact, there were moments I could have been nominated for "worst mom."  I don't have a book on the New York Times Best Seller list.   You won't find my name in the "Who's Who in… Continue reading Who Am I?