Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

After Day 1 workout:-).


Eat less.  And exercise.  It sounds so simple, right?  Yet, I have struggled with this simple advice all my life.  And that’s because I love to eat really good food!  I especially like to eat sweets.  Give me anything sweet and chocolaty, and you will be my friend for life!  If there really is such a thing as a “sweet” tooth, I must have a mouth full!!

My husband, Lane, loves to tell the story of our trip to Northern Michigan last summer and the Krispy Kreme detour.  To preface the story, you need to know my biggest disappointment in moving to Fort Wayne, IN, is the lack of a Krispy Kreme store.  Seriously.  Stopping to get a Krispy Kreme donut when the “hot” light came on, was one of my indulgences while living in Georgia.  So, the trip to Northern Michigan took us fairly close, within 20 miles, of a Krispy Kreme store.  When I realized it was that close to our route, I begged to take a “slight” detour.  The “slight” detour added 40 minutes to our trip, which I think was well worth it:-).  Lane and our daughter, Sarah, didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did, which I can’t quite comprehend.  I tell that story to help you understand just how much of a “sweet” tooth I have.

The other problem?  I really don’t like to exercise!  I can find SOOO many other things I would rather do or need to do.  So, more often than not, throughout my 57 years of life, I have not made regular exercise a priority.  I have said “yes” to many other things and crowded out exercise.  I know.  I hate to admit this.  I sound like such a slug:-(.

Well, all that is changing this week!  I am committed for the next 60 days (and hopefully forever) to THROWING OFF THE EXCESS FAT on my body60 days of “Pop, Drop and Pray” helped me establish a habit of starting every day with prayer.  That’s before I eat, begin chores, get on Facebook……you get my drift.  God and I have a standing date every morning:-).  Spending time with God at the beginning of my day sets the tone for the day and keeps my feet heading the right direction.  By praying first, I am inviting God’s presence, His very breath, into my day.  These 60 days have changed me.  I’m not going back!

Since my last post, Throw Off the Excess, God has been talking to me through my morning prayer time and Breathe Bible study, about my “excess” weight.  (Ouch!  That’s pretty personal, God.  Just sayin’.)  Specifically, the excess fat on my body.  I know everyone needs a little fat on their body, but THIS is ridiculous!  How did I get to this level?!  I’m back to the heavy weight and unhealthy fat percentage from post baby days.  Ugh!  Five years ago, I joined Weight Watchers again and started seeing a personal fitness trainer at my gym.  Lost 35 pounds and a crazy number of inches (can’t remember how many).  I felt great and looked better than I had in years!

So, what happened?  (awkward silence)……….. I got careless.  Started adding things back to my diet I knew I shouldn’t be eating.  Didn’t restrain myself.  Got busy and crowded out the exercise.  And here I am.  Back to where I was.  Sad:-(.  Very sad.

But, not hopeless.  Because I know all the right things to do.  After years of being a Weight Watchers member and learning healthy eating habits and exercise routines, I know the path back.  I just need God’s help and YOUR help to stay disciplined and make better choices, one day at a time.  Enough is enough!  I need to learn how to say “no” to poor eating habits and an overcrowded schedule.  So you are a witness that “I”m saying NO to unhealthy food and YES to exercise!” (and the crowd goes wild…..:-)

My 60-day journey to a leaner, healthier me started 2 days ago, Monday, July 9, 2018.  I’m on Day 3, and already feeling more energized.  Here’s my action plan:

REDUCE….my portion sizes to the recommended serving size.

RESTRICT…..my sugar intake (throw off the excess sugar!).

RESIST…..the urge to eat out of boredom, loneliness, perceived social obligation or a need for comfort (find other ways to address these emotional challenges).

REPLACE…..overeating and empty calories with foods rich in fiber, nutrients and lean protein (eat more SUPERFOODS!).

REPLENISH…..my body with energy by exercising 30+ minutes a day (combo of cardio and weight resistance), 6 days a week AND hydrating frequently!

I’m setting my alarm for 6:00am each day, so I can start the day with prayer and my new routine of exercise.  As you know, I’m not a morning person, so this will be a challenge.  To make it more enjoyable and get my mind off the physical exertion, I plan to work out with a friend, or my amazing husband (he told me to say that!); or if alone, listen to the Bible on the YouVersion App as I walk.  Another key is to begin the day with my workout (after my date with God, of course!).  Because if you are like me, if I don’t exercise at the beginning of the day, chances are I won’t.  So, yeah for mornings!  Get up and start working that fat off!  (This is my pep talk for ME.)

Anyone out there remember the song “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go?”  It’s a “golden oldie,” but when I listened to it again, I found it catchy and motivating.  Lane didn’t.  He thought it was corny.  But corny can be good, right?  Especially if you find yourself humming it throughout the day.  LOL!

In case you aren’t familiar with the song or need to refresh your memory, here is the link to a YouTube version of “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!”  Hope it inspires you!

“Go, You Chicken Fat, Go”

So, here are the ugly facts, my beginning point.  Current body fat percentage (BFP) is:  45.9%!  This is considered “obese” by the American Council on Exercise and pretty much every medical organization out there.  The “ideal” BFP for my age is:  26.3%Which means I need to drop 20% of my body fat to be in the average or ideal range!  I-yi-yi!!  (That means “help!!”)  FYI:  I don’t expect to lose 20% of my body fat in 60 days, just make really good progress toward that goal:-).  

If you want to figure your body fat percentage (maybe not after my BIG reveal!), go to body fat calculator and put in your numbers (you will need height, weight, waist size, hip size and neck size).  They calculate it for you and give you your estimated BFP.  Pretty cool, except my number wasn’t so cool:-(.

I want to lose pounds, but my focus is on body fat because that means I will be decreasing my risk of:  a stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, poor mental health, sleep apnea, acid reflux, inflammatory diseases, auto-immune diseases……just to name a few!  Wow!  Throw off that fat, baby!!

So, before I sign off, I’m asking you, my blog readers, to cheer me on.  Encourage me.  Let me know you are there on the sidelines as I continue this journey to “throw off the excess fat!”  I need you to keep me accountable.  Lane suggested I should wait to blog about this until I finished the 60 days.  That would be the “chicken” way to do this, and another thing?  I want you to be a part of this!

If you want to join me in “throwing off the excess fat,” by all means jump in and let’s sing “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go” together!

Dear God,

You know my “battle of the bulge” all too well.  You have watched me struggle to maintain an exercise routine and eat healthy.  I need your help to make permanent life style changes.  My body is your temple, and I want it to last as long as it can.  Help me get up every morning with the determination to REDUCE, RESTRICT, RESIST, REPLACE AND REPLENISH for one more day.  Let me find my comfort and soul-satisfaction in You!  I’m saying to that body fat, “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!”

In Jesus Name, Karen Renae

P.S. Stay tuned for weekly updates on my progress:-).


4 thoughts on “Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

  1. Karen your last post had me dealing with my own jealousy over your jewelry collection and now the guilt I’m dealing with over the weight. I am going to be your biggest cheerleader. I would love to say I will do this with you but I know I wont. I pray God keeps you on track, gives you a new state of mind of observance, resistance and perseverance and I know you will be successful:)

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  2. Karen, I started my similar journey back in March. Our stories sound quite similar except I add recovering bulimic to my story I have found, this time around, that if I focus on one small step each week or so I get to my goals and that goal opens me up to the new goal. I now walk 5 miles 3 times a week, count my steps and calories and only have to average 1 pound a week. I gave myself until the end of the year. Down 16+ pounds and feeling calm and good. I’m in it with you. Let me know if you ever want to go walking with me. : ) Feel free to ask questions, share recipes or even vent on bad days.


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