“Skinny” Jeans vs “Fat” Genes

  Question:  Do "skinny" jeans really make you look "skinny" or is it totally dependent on the body put in the jeans?! (I think the latter!) Another question:  Is there really such a thing as a "fat" gene? Last question:  If there is a "fat" gene, and I have it, do I just accept my fate… Continue reading “Skinny” Jeans vs “Fat” Genes

Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

After Day 1 workout:-). Eat less.  And exercise.  It sounds so simple, right?  Yet, I have struggled with this simple advice all my life.  And that's because I love to eat really good food!  I especially like to eat sweets.  Give me anything sweet and chocolaty, and you will be my friend for life!  If… Continue reading Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

Throw Off the Excess! (Day 54)

Recently, I bought a new dress at Carsons' Going Out of Business sale.  Oh, and a new top.  Both for the price of $56.  The dress is black and sleeveless with big white circles in a pattern on the body of the dress.  The best part of the dress is it's A-line style which makes… Continue reading Throw Off the Excess! (Day 54)