In the Quiet

Strewn about our house are remnants of our time with the kids and grandkids over Christmas and New Year's, evidence they were here. A duplo-tower left intact. A toy car lying on its side, abandoned. A stuffed Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus hiding in a corner. An empty formula can on the floor. A… Continue reading In the Quiet

My Ally

Eden with her "Ally" Back in the fall of 2021, October to be exact, we were privileged to watch our granddaughter, Eden, for three whole days! If you are a grandparent, you understand what a big deal that is:-). Since we live 7 hours away, we were excited to spend that much time with her,… Continue reading My Ally

I. Am. Not. Alone.

Before schools in my area were closed and shuttered to E-Learning due to the COVID-19 crisis, I agreed to substitute in an 8th grade Science classroom. What was I thinking?!  I had resolved to only substitute in music classrooms, and mostly elementary. BUT, when you get a personal phone call, rather than automated, from the… Continue reading I. Am. Not. Alone.

Sitting on the Sidelines? Get in the Game!

I love a good game of football! Does that surprise you? (My youngest brother played football in high school and college, and my mother was an avid football fan. I come by it honestly!) Lane and I watched the college football playoffs last night (Alabama and Ohio State), and though the team we were rooting… Continue reading Sitting on the Sidelines? Get in the Game!

The Most Important Question

"Do you know Jesus?" is the first thing that popped out of my mouth when confronted with my attacker on a winter day in 1987.  For just a moment, I stopped struggling to keep him out of my car, looked him straight in the eyes, and said "Do you know Jesus?" Where did that come… Continue reading The Most Important Question

Good News Worth Repeating

A former chorus student of mine, from way "back in the day," posted the lyrics of a song by Matt Maher on Facebook today.  One of the lines in the song, "good news worth repeating," made me reflect on all the news I've been hearing lately.  Most of it not good news.  In fact, really… Continue reading Good News Worth Repeating

“The Sky is Falling!” and Other “Uplifting” Thoughts

Day 22 (I think) of social distancing, and the novelty is wearing off!  I have projects on my list to tackle, but I'm losing motivation.  I'm dealing with worry and anxiety like everyone else, and learning to pray a whole lot more.  I'm checking updates on the news and FaceBook multiple times a day to… Continue reading “The Sky is Falling!” and Other “Uplifting” Thoughts


Waiting. Hoping. Expecting. What are you waiting for? Hoping for? Expecting?   Maybe you have been waiting for a blog post from me!  (Or maybe not.) Sorry I kept you waiting sooooo long!! My retired, blog-writing, homemaker, church volunteer, traveler kind-of-life was interrupted last September by an unexpected job--a long-term substitute teaching job!  I decided to… Continue reading Waiting

Marital Bliss and the Pursuit of Happiness

Smiles, people, smiles!  Just one more shot. Do you remember your wedding day?  Smiling so much, the muscles on your face hurt?  What does that tell us?  WE DON'T SMILE ENOUGH!! Smile, it's the wedding season; and therefore, the anniversary season!  Our church puts out a monthly calendar with all the birthdays and anniversaries for… Continue reading Marital Bliss and the Pursuit of Happiness

Memory is the First to Go (or is it the hearing? maybe the eyesight?)

I've reached the point in my life where I have to write everything down to remember it.  Well, not everything. I still know how to use a toothbrush, how to work the stove, and MOST OF THE TIME, I remember to turn off the burner when I'm done cooking! Maybe it's not so much a… Continue reading Memory is the First to Go (or is it the hearing? maybe the eyesight?)