My Ally

Eden with her “Ally”

Back in the fall of 2021, October to be exact, we were privileged to watch our granddaughter, Eden, for three whole days! If you are a grandparent, you understand what a big deal that is:-). Since we live 7 hours away, we were excited to spend that much time with her, but also a little nervous as to how this would go. She was 2 at the time, and she had spent very little time away from “Dada” and “Mama.”

Our days were filled with reading her favorite books, creating with playdoh, coloring, going to the park, eating ice cream, visiting the zoo, singing and dancing, watching Frozen (her favorite movie) and deciphering her 2 year old sentences. (By the time we left, we understood almost everything she said!) Our biggest challenge seemed to be putting the fancy stroller together and collapsing it to pack it in the car. I am sure we looked like we didn’t have a clue what we were doing!

Did I say that was our biggest challenge?! I must have forgotten the first night of sleep! Taylor, Eden’s “dada,” had mentioned she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night crying. He said we should NOT turn the light on, but simply check to see that she was ok and give her the paci, if it had fallen on the floor. I must have zoned out on those instructions because the first thing I did when she started to cry was to go in her room and turn a light on! How was I supposed to see why she was upset, if I didn’t turn a light on?

When Eden saw it was “Mimi” and not Mama or Dada, she wailed more and kept asking for Mama and Dada. I found her paci on the floor and gave it to her. I asked if I could rock her. “No!” I asked if I could hold her. “No!” and then she told me to “LEAVE!” Did she want the light out? I asked. “NO!!” I did the only thing any other Mimi would do. I left, woke up Papa Bear, and said, “over to you.” He got the same response! So, we had to leave her to cry it out and eventually fall back to sleep. We chose not to take her rejection personally and started fresh the next day:-).

Eden eats a variety of really healthy foods, but she does have her preferences. I gave her fresh cucumbers with her meal on the second day, but added Poppyseed dressing for her to dip her cucumbers in since there was no Ranch dressing. Turns out, she really likes Poppyseed dressing! The next day, I put cucumbers on her plate again and the bottle of Poppyseed dressing on the table. Papa Bear sat with her while I fixed my lunch. Apparently, Papa Bear viewed Poppyseed dressing as a “luxury item,” only to be used after other healthier choices were consumed. And when she asked for the dressing, he insisted she eat several bites of her other food first. After Eden asked again and got the same response from Papa Bear, I intervened on Eden’s behalf and made the case that cucumbers naturally need dipping sauce.

Lane, also known as “Papa Bear,” didn’t seem to appreciate my “intervention” and with raised eyebrows said, “Eden, Mimi is your ally. Do you know what an ally is? No? Well, it is someone who sticks up for you like Mimi just did. Eden, can you say ‘Mimi is my ally?’ ” Without missing a beat, Eden said “Mimi is my ally FOR MY WHOLE LIFE!” Guess what!? She got Poppyseed dressing for her cucumbers and I gained a new title:-).

As I reflected on this precious scene later, God reminded me that HE has been my ally FOR MY WHOLE LIFE! Since I chose to follow Him at a young age, He has been my shield, my protector, my comforter, my Mighty God, the one who remains faithful even if I don’t. He fights my battles right alongside me, and accomplishes what I cannot.

As hard as I try, I will not always be there for Eden. I will always root for her, support her, protect her as much as I can, but the biggest thing I can do for our granddaughter, Eden, is advocate for her before my Heavenly Father. May I faithfully bring her to God and pray that He will be her ally FOR HER WHOLE LIFE!

7 thoughts on “My Ally

  1. Amen! Mimi’s are God’s great prayer warriors! So enjoyed these grandparents great scenes you lived through. I sure remember similar times myself as a grammie! Such a love blog! 💘


  2. Loved this. My prayer for my grandies is that they will choose to never rebel against God. That they would understand He IS their best ally!


  3. I liked what you are thinking on the ally app.
    On the dressing, Margie gives Jaydan way more Ranch dressing for raw vegies than I would.


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