Every Good and Perfect Gift

So, I'm sitting in church yesterday listening to a really good sermon on work and our attitude about work.  Pastor Rex reminds us that whatever we do, we should do it as if we are working for the Lord.  And do it for His glory.  Great reminders! Then in his conclusion, he puts up the… Continue reading Every Good and Perfect Gift

Slow and Steady Wins the Race….Or So I’ve Heard:-)

This.  Is.  Hard.  Really, really hard.   I'm not a patient person by nature.  I want it to happen overnight!  Of course, I didn't get to this unhealthy BFP (body fat percentage) and weight overnight.  Right? So, it does make sense that it will take awhile to get back to a healthy range. I've been working… Continue reading Slow and Steady Wins the Race….Or So I’ve Heard:-)

“Skinny” Jeans vs “Fat” Genes

  Question:  Do "skinny" jeans really make you look "skinny" or is it totally dependent on the body put in the jeans?! (I think the latter!) Another question:  Is there really such a thing as a "fat" gene? Last question:  If there is a "fat" gene, and I have it, do I just accept my fate… Continue reading “Skinny” Jeans vs “Fat” Genes

Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

After Day 1 workout:-). Eat less.  And exercise.  It sounds so simple, right?  Yet, I have struggled with this simple advice all my life.  And that's because I love to eat really good food!  I especially like to eat sweets.  Give me anything sweet and chocolaty, and you will be my friend for life!  If… Continue reading Go, You Chicken Fat, Go!

Throw Off the Excess! (Day 54)

Recently, I bought a new dress at Carsons' Going Out of Business sale.  Oh, and a new top.  Both for the price of $56.  The dress is black and sleeveless with big white circles in a pattern on the body of the dress.  The best part of the dress is it's A-line style which makes… Continue reading Throw Off the Excess! (Day 54)

It’s My Pleasure! (Day 35)

For many years, Chick-Fil-A has been my favorite fast-food chain.  In fact, I would be tempted to say, I LOVE Chick-Fil-A.  But that would mean I'm idolizing an inanimate object, obsessing over it or thinking about it 24/7!  And I'm not.  Well, at least most of the time, I'm not.  So, it's not correct to… Continue reading It’s My Pleasure! (Day 35)

The Altar-Day 7 of “Pop, Drop and Pray”

I'm on Day 7 of my 60-day journey to start every morning with "Pop! Drop! and Pray!"  If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer to my last blog entry on May 11, 2018.  So excited to say I'm on track to making this a life-long habit! My place of prayer, my altar, has… Continue reading The Altar-Day 7 of “Pop, Drop and Pray”

Pop! Drop! and Pray!

At 6:00am this morning, I'm still in dreamland, snuggled comfortably in my bed, while Lane is quietly getting ready for his early morning men's group at Grace Point.  (He really is being quiet!)  At 6:10am, he gently calls my name and touches my arm, reminding me what to tell the irrigation folks when they come… Continue reading Pop! Drop! and Pray!

Re-Purpose Your Pain

Blinking red lights. Wires everywhere. Machines tracking heart beats, pulse rates, and brain activity. The occasional beep indicating it's time for a nurse to change out the bag of fluids or give more meds. A hospital bed where my husband is lying with electrodes attached to every square inch of his head. Rails keeping him… Continue reading Re-Purpose Your Pain

Letting Go….Letting God

I love to lead.  Be in charge.  LEAD the charge!  It really is part of my DNA.  I guess that's why teaching seemed such a natural fit for me.  Many years ago, probably back in the early 80's, I took a personality test developed by Florence Littauer.  In her book, Personality Plus, she identifies and… Continue reading Letting Go….Letting God