The Journey Begins

I’m stepping into the water today, sowing a tiny seed of faith.  I have a story to share, God’s story.  How God cared for my soul through the roughest seasons of my life.  How He brought restoration and healing, and birthed in me a new reliance on Him.  And how He reset my thinking and taught me to come to Him for my “soulcare.”

God has been nudging me this way for over two years, through books like The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst and When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story, and through family and friends, Bible Studies and His spirit speaking to me. Over a year ago, I participated in our church’s 40-day journey with Mark Batterson’s book, Draw the Circle, and once again God spoke to me about writing my story, our story.  (God probably wanted to know what I was waiting for!)  In his book, Mark recounts the story of the priests leading the Israelites across the Jordan River.  Mark reminds us that God asked the priests to lead the way by stepping into the water first, BEFORE God moved upon the waters.  God asks us to do the same today.  To take a step of faith, trusting God to do the rest.

So, I started sharing what God was asking me to do with a few close friends.  And they encouraged me to continue on this path.  Last fall, I took another step  and signed up for a writing class in my community.  I’m writing!  Woo-hoo!  In recent weeks, I’ve been on the brink of starting this blog, with fear and insecurity nipping at my heels.  “Do I really have anything worth saying?  Will this be meaningful to anyone?  What if I say something that offends someone?  Can I really be me and get really honest?”  Well, those are all valid questions, but I think Satan wants me to give into those fears.  He doesn’t want me to share my story.  He doesn’t want me to give God the glory in my story.

But I’m going to anyway!  Because God is asking me, nobody of importance, just an ordinary woman with struggles and weaknesses, to tell my story.  To bring Him honor and glory through my story.  I pray He waters and grows this tiny seed and brings new hope and new life to someone, maybe just one.  That’s enough.  Just one.

Hope anchors the soul. —Hebrews 6:19


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